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rarelitart is a community dedicated to fanart of all literature. The only exceptions are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fanart. Other than that, draw from whatever books you like. This community is invite-only; if you are an interested artist, APPLY to gain membership.


o1 - This is a digital/natural media art community, not fiction, photomanips, icons, etc. However, it isn't a community exclusively for artists. Anyone who just wants to look around is free to watch us.
o2 - Most of this journal will be public; however, people planning on posting art must post a comment and art sample on this entry to gain admittance to the community. Only those on the community members list will be posting pictures. Watchers are free to leave comments/critiques though, and to request from their favorite fandoms. Please note: This is not a low-level artists' community. The artists we accept are those who are experienced and exhibit style and technical skill. ALSO, PLEASE WAIT FOR US TO INVITE YOU. DO NOT REQUEST MEMBERSHIP BEFORE APPLYING. If you fail to apply first, we will automatically reject your membership request.
o3 - This community is yaoi/yuri/slash/het friendly. If you don't know what these are, look it up. Any racist/homophobic/rude comments will result in mod interference and people getting banned. That's not fun, so please everyone, be courteous and constructive.
o4 - Put all images and spoilers under a cut. When posting pictures, provide the fandom, media, and any warnings.
o5 - Absolutely no stealing art or taking without permission. Any art posted must be one's own. if you would like to use media from this community, always ask the artist first.


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