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j'ai cru entendre je t--

themadteaparty in rarelitart

[art] the picture of dorian gray

Speedpaint. Painter IX. Barf.

Because jour and I are such fabulous, dedicated mods, after 2394873487 months of leaving rarelitart to rot, we made a pact to post something by December 10th. Originally, I'd intended to conveniently 'forget' about our pact, considering that it is finals period at college and I'm getting raped left right and center by all the work I kind of forgot to do for the past month, and of course to study like a good little nerd. :) HOWEVER. I ended up procrastinating at midnight tonight and decided to do a speedpaint of Dorian Gray, from Oscar Wilde's flaming magnum opus of roughly the same name. Here it is in all of its grossness; don't be hatin' now.

I figure this is a super-busy time for everyone so, uh, don't be pressured to post or anything until January. 8D Not that a few posts wouldn't be, um, appreciated of course. If you're ever taking a study break and feel like breaking out the tablet/pencil...:)


AUGHHHH OKAY. By the end of this day I WILL post something...even if it's a cruddy little lump of random color Dx

ANYWAY, booboo, your colors are FABULOUS ;;A;;; they give me seizures like I'm high on LSD and speed at the same time *does not know this for a fact* TT33TT/ IT'S A RAINBOW IN MY MOUTH! AND THIS BOOKKK!! Good ol' Oscar ♥ You make me want to do Dorian Gray fanart too TTT_____TTT
I-it's okay lemonpie, don't be pressured or anything T3T I'm just....trying to avoid writing this French paper 8D *spears it with a steak fork*

Oh sweetheart, your comments always give me heart palipitations. BUT YOUR ART EVEN MORE SO T3T if you did Dorian Gray fanart, I'd maybe, ummmmmmm, cry a little and die. ♥ OR YOU COULD DO REMAINS OF THE DAY ART, you're always rambling about that book. :D
ughfhfhdkjfd I tried doing RotD art earlier, that was what I gave up on because I don't know how to use painter, SOB :( :(

But no, we made a pact, and I'm keeping my end...if it's the last thing I do Dx<<<
...does it look like *I* know how to use Painter? 8D This looks like a small child swallowed a few cans of tempura paint and vomited it all up in the semi-likeness of Dorian Gray. xD

We can extend the pact to Jan. 10th for you, chouchou T3T
EEEEEE THE HAIR! *AAA* My eyes immediately zoomed up to the texture of Dorian's hair and exploded with glee. Connie, once you're done with the fall semester, are you going to draw more? *AAAAA*
YOU BET YOUR BOXERS (w....what? I don't even know the correct expression to use here, LOL) I WILL. ♥ During the summertime I even made a list of books I wanted to draw from, but school is just too hard. Dx

Btw, check my lj for Dorian Gray, version REAL LIFE.
Ooooh nice colors *3* I really like the sky and his hand :DDD

YAY for keeping this place alive. XD;;;
Perrrrrrrrrrhaps you could post something as well, Casey. 8D HELP US KEEP rarelitart ALIVE WITH YOUR MAGIC ♥

ps, I love Boone. lol.
Eh, maybe XD;;; I kind of stopped reading (because I'm watching Star Trek NONSTOP rofl) so I don't have many book fanarts ;3;

I love Boone too, so pretty and so dumb *___* My favorite.

HAHA yeah. I love dumb pretty boys the best ;3; *strokes his hair* Too bad he had to, like, die.
Ahh, thank you~ ♥ you have some nice art yourself :) (and it's always of interesting+certainly rare books, which is nice to see)
Pretty~ *3* I love the textures! :DD

And omg, I swear, I WILL post art on this community one day XD;; I've read two books recommended by members of this comm -- The Historian and Shadow of the Wind -- and both of them were great. Shadow of the Wind has become one of my all-time favorite books, EVER. (My friends are so sick of hearing me talk about it, lol XDDD I read it twice in two months *3*)
Thank you T3T ♥ I think I actually have yours & kungfooqueen's art journal friended! WHY DON'T YOU POST. T_T I mean um, no pressure or anything.

Haha, I guess the comm is doing its job if it got you to read Shadow of the Wind! (and I have yet to read The Historian) :D :D :D I'M SO HAPPY OMFG. It's like, ummmmmmmm pretty much one of my favorite books in the history of literature (well, I dunno if it counts as literature really, but I'll say it is). P-PLEASE POST SotW art ;3; preferably Julian/Miquel