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milla jovovich / green

overlordu in rarelitart

[art] the keys to the kingdom

Haha more Garth Nix drawings v_v

Former Monday's Dusk! ;3; I was actually trying to draw Monday's Noon, but the expression wasn't cocky enough XD;;

Okay the rest are just very simple sketches, but... they're fanart nonetheless, so I don't feel that bad for posting them ;_;

Our lovely protagonist, Arthur >_>

Monday's Noon *_* This is like the moment he was demoted or something. HAHA. ♥

Mister Monday~ I made him pouty ;3;

BAHAHAHA. I think this drawing is trying to tell me one of two things: Never draw pirates, or never draw beards. Anyway, it's the pirate Feverfew... er, in disguise of course. I wasn't going to draw his disgusting REAL face. XD

...We seriously need to get some His Dark Materials fanart around here >_>


omg you draw the sexiest faces ever T_T
says YOU, the master of pretty faces. >:F
honestly, i dont think i've ever seen or heard of a pirate with such a tidy beard.

and i igree about this his dark materials fanart. its such a wonderful series *__*
I'm not much of a pirate fan, so I don't care how un-pirate-like it seems 8D Ahaha.
haha i like him. he's just like "i'm a swashbuckler. with class!"
OMG KEYS TO THE KINGDOM OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! And i really love this series/author omg!! actually, for some odd reason, this one is one of my absolute fave from garth nix (out of sabriel, shade's children, rag witch, seven towers) or at least in my opinion!! YOU DID THIS BOOK SO MUCH JUSTICE SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL *chokes with tears of joy* Pls post moreeee (and while i am at it, i hope you dont mind me friending youuu)
AHHH OMG ;_; I was starting to think NOBODY read these books (except iamfiction, who got me into it)~~~ T_T! *CLINGS*
I weep for joy. I so very did not know that you enjoyed that series... ::weep::<--See? I weep for joy.
P.S: Not stalking you. JUst realized you existed on lj too. Bad me.
OMGGG CASEY, thank you for keeping this community alive XD;; omfndfhdnf your art always has such intensity and style I'M OVERWHELMED. It is like some magnificent tidal wave rushing through my screen and slapping me like a newborn baby *3*!!! I love your faces, they always have such character, and your color is aoeiuafldkjfd SUPERB *weeps rainbow teardrops that fall from the sky like burning scrap metal* TTTAATTTT
finally ;___;

keys to the kingdom is such a beautiful series and you have done it justice MUCHO. <3