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j'ai cru entendre je t--

themadteaparty in rarelitart

[art] as i lay dying

Ahhh! We're growing so quickly TT33TTTTTbb *weeps happily* and with such beautiful posts!

Quick watercolor doodle of Jewel, from Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

I LOVE FAULKNER in all of his pretentiously incoherent, barely-conscious fabulousness

This is from the scene where Jewel's giving it his all to recover his brother's tools after their wagon tipped over in the river. .-. Jewel's sort of a bastard throughout the entire book, but he's the secretly nice kind of bastard, haha.

UHGHGH sorry, the water looks so fake but I...really have no idea how to paint waves without a reference TT__TT;;; this took me, like, an hour.


GYUH JEWEL AOSIFJASDOFIJMAKESLOVETOSCREEN. *3* I loved Jewel from the very moment he became angry and then cried inside a bit when he kicked his horse. I had wanted to kill Anse when he sold that horse. And Jewel's reaction to that was just so beautiful. T_T

I think your water looks gorgeous. It's just that the green reminds me of stones and...it looks like Jewel's in really shallow water. T___T;; But on the other hand, it also looks like he's swimming in the sky.
UWAHH TRACY TT3TT ♥ when Jewel kicked his horse, I cried inside a bit too. Oh Jewel, he's so conflicted and angry TT^TT *combs his hair and lathers it with love-shampooo* And I hate Anse asldkfjldkfj. D:< The ending?!?!?! Honestly. LSAFDJLKDJKF *punches him* Poor Jewel ;^;

XD You're right! I hadn't thought of that when I threw in all those colors. But your comment about how it looks like he's swimming in the sky really makes me lightheaded and giddy ♥
YEAH DUDE THE ENDING IS JUST OAISJFPAOSIDFJAPSODFIJ. DDDDX Freaking Anse. All he wants is another slave. Though, Addie is no saint herself... but I can so understand her "I JUST WANT TO GET AWAY FROM THIS FREAKING FAMILY" mentality.
MAN, if I were Addie, I'd be BOLTING out of there so fast JEWEL wouldn't be able to catch me D:

*clubs Anse multiple times D:*

TT^TT I haven't talked to you in a while, it feels.
Notice that the only time when she's able to "talk" is when she's finally floating down the river of life AWAY from everyone. T_T Gyuh, poor, poor woman.

When Jewel came back to his family with the horse, do you think Addie was crying happy or sad tears? >3 At first I thought sad, that she was disappointed, but when I thought about it more, they were probably happy tears.

We haven't talked. T__T I've been trying to avoid tying up the phone line so I haven't been online much. Gyuh, gimme time and date and I'll try to drag my ass to the library so I can leech off their internet.
Yeah, I... wouldn't really want to be her. .__. *fails to contribute anything profound to the conversation XD*

I think she was crying happy TT^TT I'm an optimist at heart. Even though I love reading about PAIN AND AGONY

Uh-oh, I'm bad at knowing when I'll go online XD (I pretty much only use gmail-chat these days D: D:) maybe I'll call you sometime? :D
*patpat* I wouldn't know this book so...um...much... if not for the fact that we studied this book and I used it for my AP essay. Lovely how I remembered everything EXCEPT FOR ADDIE'S NAME. /BREATHES FIRE

ooo beautiful colors *w*
TT3TTb thank you my darling wailing octopus ♥ when are you going to post??
OOOhh babycakes, your watercolors make me cry, EVERY TIME T^T!!! LOOK, MY TEARS FOR YOU, THEY DRENCH MY WRINKLY OLD MAN FACE =3333=!! Aughdhfndkf your brushstrokes are so expressive, I'm in loveeee, and your cccooooloooorssssss afWOEIFALKD WORDS FAIL ME. and hush, woman, you do water incredibly well! plus, that is a terribly wanton pose you have him in, you sly dog OHO 8D \o3o/ *flies into your arms like a moth to the FLAMER* ♥♥
UWAHHH my crunchy taquito, you are filled with the SPICE OF LIFE!! ILU TT^TT/ ♥ *wraps you in my thousand tentacly arms and envelops you in bright and shining flame* I want to see more of your Faulkner arts, it is like the FUEL to my SUV XD

Drawing boys in wanton poses, no matter what the situation may be, is in my subconscious huhuhu TT3TTb *traffics in young boys*
I don't think those waves look fake. They've got a cool stylized look to them. Nice dramatic piece. I like the colors.
Thanks. :) I think it's a little overdramatic, though, for a scene that takes place in barely four pages. xD
Actually, the waves were the first thing that caught my eyes (in a good way, of course). Love the colors. And I like the rough, gaunt-ish look Jewel has.

I'm sorry to say that I'm not a Jewel fan, though.
Not a Jewel fan, hm? xD Might it be because he's self-centered, cruel to his family and animals, and temperamental?

I draw all of my characters underfed and gaunt D:
AH, it's so pretty! I love the water, especially the colors in it ;3; And I love his pretty profile *_* Never heard of the book though... U__U;
Uwahhh Casey TT___TT ♥ I felt embarrassed posting this after your magnificent Sabriel showing! xD Damn you! But anyway, to tell the truth, I actually hadn't heard of this book either until this year, when our AP English teacher handed out this bookmark of 'English-language classics'. .__.;;
Ahhuuuuhh. Faulkner. Shit. Is there anything I like that you DON'T like? :OO
HMM, try me! Let's hear a list of some of your favorite authors and books~ :D you have good taste (okay, seriously, I mean... HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS??? ♥).
Connie, my sweet stawberry shortcake~

Your delicate gorgeous watercolors pierce my very soul. ♥♥♥ TTT__TTTT omggg so beautiful. <3333
a;sfkjas;f after so much Faulkner art, I am not obligated to read his works. And my pile of things to draw are piling up on me @_@

(after I scribble much riku/sora to fulfill my own depraved fantasies)
Uwahh Jenny~ TT3TT please read Faulkner uhuhuhu ♥ I think his style's a little difficult to get into initially but it pays off when Faulkner starts snorting crack rambling in his streams of consciousness TT^TTb

UHUHUHU YESSSSSSSSS, I want to see Riku/Sora from you *3* and Maddy showed me the video of Axel's last scene so now I want to draw Axel/Roxas too, tee-hee. :B I feel like such a poseur, I haven't even TOUCHED the game 8D;;