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The Shadow of the Wind; His Dark Materials

Even though I've been a member of this community for a while now, this is my first post. I feel like I should have something better than a few measly sketches T_T;;

Last summer, I bought The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon after reading this post by themadteaparty. I ended up finishing it in a day and a half, and read it a second time before the month was out. Many, many thanks for introducing me to this book ;3; ♥ (I've since recommended it to a dozen of my friends, using force when necessary to get them to read it XDDD)

Anyway, I finally found the fanart (just sketches :P) I did for the book and scanned it in ^^; This is OLD art (over a year old T_T), so I apologize for the crappiness x_x;

Clara was done in ballpoint pen -- not finished, obviously... I guess I lost interest? ^^; I was doodling these during class XD;

This scene creeped me out like whoa *__*;;

This summer, I entertained myself with His Dark Materials trilogy. I couldn't stop myself from drawing Balthamos and Baruch, easily my most favorite characters from the book. It sucks that they don't have a lot of "screen time" (:P), so I contented myself with drawing them.

Again, crappy pencil sketches. Also, if you haven't read the last book in HDM, beware of a huuuuuge spoiler.

Okay, how the hell are you supposed to draw characters described as being 'made of light'??! x_x;

Yes, I totally cried when this happened T_____T
Their last words were each other's names... That's just... T________T ♥♥♥

I promise to post some decent art eventually ;3;


Oh... ai, oh pretty. The last one is perfect. I love the bony, sketchy look to the angels.

I remember reading the HDM books in elementary school and being baffled by Balthamos and Baruch being not exactly your average heterosexual couple. I just pretended I knew what was going on and now here I am, a ridiculous faghag. :D
I must confess that I didn't know which HDM characters you were talking about at first. ;_; Those two were indeed pretty awesome, and I like how you portrayed them. (Personally, though, I always imagined them as invisible XD I think... okay I don't completely remember *shot*) I really love the, er, death picture ;3;~♥

Serves me right for forgetting who they are... the scene that broke my heart the most was when Will's father was killed, but nobody seems to remember it except me. Sob.
OMG why am I the worst mod ever D: I TOTALLY didn't see this post until today, when I finally decided to visit Rarelit for the first time in decades~♥ AND LO AND BEHOLD, I see that you have FINALLY posted!!! I've been dying to see your work for a while, after reading all of your wonderful comments ;3; and I want to just say that YOU MUST POST MORE, even though jour and I are ridiculously lazy mods and can barely keep up with our boring (well, at least mine is boring XD) lives, much less a comm Dx BUT ANYWAY!!! ENOUGH ABOUT USSSS~~~

I'm so happy to see that my blabberings and cruddy scribbles of Shadow of the Wind spurred you to go read this glorious masterpiece ;A; I LOOOOOVE your drawings of Clara; she looks so frail and frigid and BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love, even though she's a total bitch. Her eyes are to DIE FOR (s-so gorgeous) and I lovelovelove how you did her nose and lips; she really looks like such a doll. And your Lain Colbert sketch gives me the heebie-jeebies T_______T *burrows under covers and cries miserably* NOW I DEMAND SOME COLOR WORK FROM YOU :B

AND AND AND. DUDE. I totally never finished The Amber Spyglass (.....) so I actually have NO CLUE who Baruch and Balthamos are, but now I want to read the book just for them lol. THEY ARE SO PRETTY and their relationship seems heartbreaking. I don't know why but I love to read about gay characters and their tragic relationships T_________T
I'm like, SO thankful to you for introducing me to Shadow of the Wind ;3; ♥ I love that book so much, I've already read it four times XD I'm just kind of ashamed that I only have crappy old (over a year old!) art of it to post T_T I'll definitely do more SotW fanart in the future~ I want to do a color version of the Lain Coubert pic *3*

AUGH I'M SORRY FOR SPOILING THE AMBER SPYGLASS T___T You should still read it though. BxB are just, omg, perfect. Their love is so beautiful ;___; I wish they played a bigger role in the books though T_T
*SHAKES YOU* READ IT, CONNIE, WTF. (lol I definitely just typed "shanks" instead of "shakes" just now D8 too much prison break) RARGHHH You can't not know about the gay angels! One of the many many reasons Phillip Pullman rocks so hard! I actually have a theory that JKR secretly wanted to increase the literary merit of HER series by adding in a gay character, like PP 8D lulz
I FAIL, I didn't see this post until today either D8 D8
But holy crap, we have more SotW and HDM art!!! FUCK, I'm so ecstatic to see these, they're so wonderful!! I LOVE your Clara, she's so pretty and frail and her eyes are perfect *3* HAHA eternal gratitude to themadteaparty for recommending it to all of us :D



omg. u r amazing. i luff his dark materials (aand the fact that Pullman made Angels /gay/ - seeing as most reeeeally religious ppl disaprove of it, hehe) so ofcouse ! angels !

but anyways, amazing ~ u draw like uh, an angel ? lol ;*


You should have finished Clara! I love your idea of her and Daniel! <3