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[art] his dark materials

OMG I'm so sorry that the first HDM art post here is going to suck _D_ some of these I did a while ago, but I didn't get my hands on a decent scanner until coming back home from school. Over winter break I reread The Golden Compass (I hadn't touched it since fifth grade D:) and I experienced a REBIRTH of the latent love that I held for the book ;A; for whatever reason I'd always liked The Subtle Knife the best out of the trilogy--probably because when I read The Golden Compass I didn't really absorb most of its BRILLIANCE--but now I think The Golden Compass has replaced it in my heart ;3;

Three doodles: Mrs. Coulter, Lyra, and Asriel/Will (for permanentwhite who drew me that sexy Tom/Huck :B ♥). The Asriel/Will one is probably not safe for kiddies? (but it's not porny sorry lol)

Oh you know you dreamt about it too.

I actually don't know how to draw a mouse lol.

BLARGHGHHH EW sorryyyyy I think I was going for the Toulouse-Lautrec look :( (but then I got lazy and decided not to finish)

Originally I'd drawn the golden monkey in there somewhere, but since I can't freaking draw animals I erased it (it looked retarded).

AUUGH SORRY EVERYONE one of these days I'll try to produce something that isn't shite for the comm Dx

LOL...and to tell the truth I don't think I ever finished The Amber Spyglass :') (and I dare to call myself a fan D:) AHH anyway so psyched about the movie~~♥


omg asriel/will!! lols i seriously have never thought of that srsly i should have, but i didn't. wao. HAND IN PANTS *w* and will is all like "whatevs" because he's used to that i guesss
Wao the mrs. coulter drawing is sooo elegant T^T oh how i've missed your arts~
it's funny, because I recently (okay, 3 years ago) read the Golden Compass too, after not having read it since i was like 8, and now i love it more than evarrr~ I also want to reread the amber spyglass because i dont think i understood it when i was little. plus that was the one with the gay angels?? yes anyway, once i'm done with finals i must draw HDM fanart because i've been saying i will forevs
btw i got new kittens

Lol that seems to be the response everyone is giving to the thought of Asriel/Will :[ honestly it like. makes no sense whatsoever BUT it's kind of hot so whatever haha.
Oh Will you lil ho!

NOW DRAW BIACH ♥ I miss Rei arts T^T

Omg post pictures plz ♥ I love kittons D:
fas;dkjfs;dfjsa they're GORGEOUS wtf are you talking about *0*;;;

But... ASRIEL/WILL??? WHAT? My mind is almost completely poisoned by you yaoi fiends at this point, but I don't even get that. XD GGGAH *brain breaks*
LOL I agree, it doesn't make any sense AT ALL. Like, I don't think they ever even interact??! Oh well. :B YOU KNOW HOW WE ARE

Actually, when I saw your third one, I was thinking about writing Connie, your drawing reminds me of Paris and I don't know why, and I don't know if that makes sense either but now, it does. :)

DRAW. MORE. ...even if I never read any of these books. ): /rereading Beloved
GRAH READ THEM TRACYYYYYYYYYYYYYPOOOOOO D: the trilogy will take you like 3 days to finish! I swear!

Beloved is on my self-made summer reading list :0 Toni Morrison is AWESOME. I just wish I had more time to read D:

..wait what. Which trilogy?

UH. WELL. ...I dunno. When do you have time? D: I'm being sucked into BRYCE at the moment.
HDM of course 8D

;3; I....I don't have time either these days TAT my work schedule is totally wonky :[
I love your style, with the sharp lines and defined bones. Will looks beautiful.
Ahhh you flatter me D: ♥ but thank you nevertheless!
OMG MARRY ME CONNNNNNNNIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss your art like crazy and I am SO HAPPY you did a GOLDEN COMPASS FANART OMGGGGGGGGGG! I love how mature your lyra looks :DDDDD LOL OMG ASRIEL/WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL <333333333333333333333333333 Your pencil sketches are simply amazing! *3* I love the brown color themes in both AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST COUTLER OMGGGGG! i Love how striking her pose is! I think you capture her personality very well!!! GAHEAIWJ E I WANT TO TYPE OUT MORE BUT I HAVE TO RUN AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY BUT POST MORE!!! <333333333333333
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG DEEEEEEEEEEEE OF COUUUURSE I WILL ♥ but only if you draw more!!! I don't think I've ever seen literature fanart from you so now I'm DYINNGGGGG so see some HDM fanart from your supremely talented corner :D :D plus I've been sensing a dearth of Dee art and I WANT MORE PLS T^T ♥♥♥♥

Omg I will never stop loving how ridiculously energetic you are in your comments jeeeeeeze XD ♥
I AM COMMENTING SO LATE WTF but anyway, yayyyyy HDM fanart! ♥ I just recently finished reading the books and I loved them. And now I'm so freaking psyched for the movie~~ *3* (Only now I'm scared that it won't live up to my expectations T_T)

Holy crap, I never thought of Asriel x Will, but now the image is burned into my brain forever XD (Awesome.) I love Lyra's eyes and Ms. Coulter looks so beautiful~ *3*

I want to do HDM fanart, but the prospect of having to draw animals scares me. (How the fuck do you draw a monkey?! SRSLY IT'S SO HARD.)
Wah thanks ;3;//// you're too kind!

Oh pshhh I don't care how late you say you're commenting, the fact that you're taking the time to comment at all is AWESOME. And OMG. I totally hear you. I am so stoked for the movie, it's like, killing me. Ahh! And hopefully the movie will be AMAYZING because the cast is pretty damn amazing. I mean seriouslyyyyyy Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, and Eva Green? @3@ But yeah...I suppose there is the horrible chance that the movie could end up like the *tremble* first HP film D:

OMG DO HDM FANART PLS. ♥ :D And your animals can't possibly be uglier than mine--I mean, did you SEE my Pan? When I tried to draw the monkey earlier it ended up looking like a deformed bear-lemur hybrid D:
Oh my god the first HP film x__x; I actually don't remember it being that bad when I saw it for the first time, but when I rewatched it recently I realized just how bad it was. (The pretty special effects blinded me!) At least it's better than the PoA movie DDDDD< (DON'T GET ME STARTED RAAARGH.)

If/when I do HDM fanart, it'll probably end up being of Baruch and Balthamos, because wtffff GAY ANGELS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ♥♥ I'm so sad that they had such a minor role in the trilogy ;3; If only Pullman introduced them earlier, grr.
ARghhhh forgive me, my sweet bumblebee, I'm SO LATE in commenting lol D: BUT OMFGGGGG YOU DREW HDM FANART DKfjsldkjfd YESSSSSS YESSSSSSS OH GOD there needs to be more on this community!! ILU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING THESE TT^TTTT LOL esp. Asriel/Will hahahahha so scandalous!! o3o!! these are tres HOT and now I feel lame because I have yet to post my second entry on this comm XD;; mmm I will definitely do some HDM fanart and dedicate it to you, you inspire me so, my dear hummingbird egg *3*
OR JUST DRAW SOMETHING IN GENERAL FOR OUR SWEET BABY ♥ (and actually, I was thinking....isn't our other baby-Lindons-kind of dead right now as well...? XD)

PS THE NEW LAYOUT MAKES ME SHIT MY PANTS WITH AWE AND LOVE ♥ oh where would we be without you, my iridescent swallowtail butterfly ;A;
LOL Tracy's been prodding me to revive Lindons XD S-sob, it's really sad that even though we're on vacation, we STILL neglect our babies XD OTL alright, I'll get right on drawing for Lindons and HDM, even before I start on my prints, just for my dear diaphanous dandelion <33