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[art] the sound and the fury

It makes me sad to see that the post before this one is not only over a month old, but also...my own. Awww. D: DON'T YOU GUYS LOVE THIS COMMUNITY?! Dx *squalls like a gull in a storm*

Speedpaint of Quentin, from The Sound and the Fury, which is QUITE possibly one of the greatest books in the English language.

Graghhh I love Quentin :( I think I made him a little too cherubic/girly-girly looking here (more Dorian Gray than crazy Compson perhaps) yet I somehow always imagined him to be a blonde. Maybe because I always envisioned Caddy as one? Anyway. There's no real time frame for this picture; he's probably supposed to be 16 here or something. I DUNNOO :[

Quickie intro (C&P'd from Amazon of course) to The Sound and the Fury, for those of ye who have no clue what the book is about:

"The ostensible subject of The Sound and the Fury is the dissolution of the Compsons, one of those august old Mississippi families that fell on hard times and wild eccentricity after the Civil War. But in fact what William Faulkner is really after in his legendary novel is the kaleidoscope of consciousness--the overwrought mind caught in the act of thought. His rich, dark, scandal-ridden story of squandered fortune, incest (in thought if not in deed), madness, congenital brain damage, theft, illegitimacy, and stoic endurance is told in the interior voices of three Compson brothers: first Benjy, the "idiot" man-child who blurs together three decades of inchoate sensations as he stalks the fringes of the family's former pasture; next Quentin, torturing himself brilliantly, obsessively over Caddy's lost virginity and his own failure to recover the family's honor as he wanders around the seedy fringes of Boston; and finally Jason, heartless, shrewd, sneaking, nursing a perpetual sense of injury and outrage against his outrageous family.

If Benjy's section is the most daringly experimental, Jason's is the most harrowing. "Once a bitch always a bitch, what I say," he begins, lacing into Caddy's illegitimate daughter, and then proceeds to hurl mud at blacks, Jews, his sacred Compson ancestors, his glamorous, promiscuous sister, his doomed brother Quentin, his ailing mother, and the long-suffering black servant Dilsey who holds the family together by sheer force of character.

Notoriously "difficult," The Sound and the Fury is actually one of Faulkner's more accessible works once you get past the abrupt, unannounced time shifts--and certainly the most powerful emotionally. Everything is here: the complex equilibrium of pre-civil rights race relations; the conflict between Yankee capitalism and Southern agrarian values; a meditation on time, consciousness, and Western philosophy. And all of it is rendered in prose so gorgeous it can take your breath away."


PS: C'mon people, this is a group effort! No pressure or anything, I mean. 8) If you're not going to post anything, at least pimp the comm out? D: *wheedles* To your friends (both artists and non-artists)! To your idols! Recommend artists for us to harass, or, even better, harangue them for us ;3;b


OMG CONNNNNNIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I MISS YOUR ART! gah i am one of those guilty members who still NEEDS to post T3T (i blame my lack of reading lately >o<) BUT OMG!!!!!!!! ho ho it sounds pretty interesting (even though i am particularly picky with historical fiction)! and your pictureee! i love how you can SEE the brush strokes LIKE REALL MEDIUM MUAHAHHAHAHAHa!!! the colors are amazing!! like a painting!! he seems somewhat lonely + distant?!?!? but also, feels sunny southern feel to it (contrast to your own signature!) ha ha if i am making any sense!!!! XD XD
Wah Dee ;3; SERIOUSLYYYYYYYY you HAVE to post ;A; I miss Dee arts and if you do lit fanart I JUST might keel over and die (but I would die happy) Dx ♥ I don't really know what books you're into, or if I've even read the ones you like, but it doesn't even matter whether or not I've read them because any Dee art is fabulous art D:

Ahhh thanks so much for your super-nice (+energetic, signature Dee style :D) comment! I know this is just a Speedpaint, but I didn't want to write my paper and I felt an urge to kick this community's limp form back to life ;o; *bad mod* One of these days I'll post up a watercolor :[
I like the idea of Quentin as delicate. Certainly, he's never acted anything but.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Quentinnn TT____TT goddd gooddd I love him so much! his rosy cheeks and the blue in his skin! So translucent-like and delicate ;3; *touches him tremblingly* And his hair is like golden buttercup joy, silken locks of sunshine that belies his TRAGIC LIFE ♥ ♥ X3 oh god, is there even a The Sound and the Fury without Quentin?? HE MAKES IT A GREAT BOOK. *shallow* =w=bbb Ahh, booboo, you must draw more SatF art! Okay okay I'm totally going to draw from it too ;A; I've had this idea in my mind for the past half-year lol. guhgdfh *feels like a lazy turd*