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__feverpitch in rarelitart

[art] David Copperfield

...eh, all i could manage today was a sketch of a slutty! older Davy. ._____. for shame. I'll draw better stuff later, promise. :3

this is a fever-induced drawing...that's why the anatomy's so wonky xD


Sadly (I think), I have never read David Copperfield. It's a crime, I know. But your drawing is really pretty and almost makes me want to read it... heheh ♥ XD I think your anatomy is fine, especially on the legs *3* Nice foreshortening on the thigh~
Yeah, I think your anatomy is quite nice :) Also haven't read aforementioned book, alas, am an illiterate slob, I know. ;_; Post more!

Also, could I ask you to put the author's name and book title in the entry tags in the future? ^^ (I've put them in this time)