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golden wheat

ayabai in rarelitart

hello hello :) i am so glad this kind of community exists. my name is wen and i love books, and art. here's something i drew awhile ago.

one of my favouritest books ever ;;______;; though actually inspired by the cinematography of the recent film adaptation, since the age of 10 i think i've read the book at least 30 times.


oh goodness, this is beautiful~ *0* i love that book! your artwork is just... gorgeous.
Oh good heavens *3333* I'm speechless with awe at your magnificent, joy-invoking painting skills! Every stroke is touched as if with a feather; the wild enormousness of the shadow of Mr Darcy is like some glorious ghost of a bird prepared for flight! *waxes poetic gibberish* Fugnfhdkjf everything is so smooth and radiant, and the perspective/composition is fantastic, it's so melancholy and portrays such distance, metaphorical or otherwise. TT___TT *weeping coconut shaving tears*
OH MY GOD. IT'S BEAUTIFUL. The colors and lighting and perspective are so gorgeous. Omg. *____* It looks like a movie poster!! *3*;;
HOLYMOTHER! O_______________O

Wow, th-that's AMAZING. T_T You put us all to shame with that beautiful soft coloring. It feels so dreamy. Great job. :D :D
what incredible richness!
this is absolutely lovely!
FREAKING MOTHER OF GOD! I was originally going to post something yesterday, but after seeing this.....I didn't want to anymore. xD;; You've done more than enough justice to Austen's beautiful classic (guhhhhh you make me want to read it again...as well as watch the film adaptation which inspired this masterpiece TT_____TTTTTT ♥♥) -- the composition, the colors, the perspective -- it's all so perfect I could collapse here sobbing in happiness ;0; all the little details you've put in -- the sunlight streaking through the clouds, or the wisps of Lizzy's hair billowing out into the wind, or the highlight on her gloriously aquiline nose, or that little book in her hand -- render me speechless aslkdlskdfjlkdfjklf

*sobs helplessly* Your soft coloring style is so magnificent TT^TTb
It's one of my absolute favorites as well, and... I am also blown away by your art. ♥
OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK!! i think you did such a nice job (a mix of movie + book?) i love the softness and the perspective! <3333 i love everything about this image!!!! <3 hope you post more!
one of my favorites and you've done a FANTASTIC job. post more plsthx :3